Who is She?

In 2013, we asked, “Who is the special woman in your life who inspired you to become who you are? Who gave you a push, sage advice or the confidence to take on a challenge you might never have attempted?

You told us about the special women in your lives. See them here.

Who is She? from Queen’s University on Vimeo.

All Tributes

 Virginia Bartley  Honoured by Pamela Cross 
Katherine Bates Honoured by Sue Bates
April Bell-Asselstine Honoured by Carol Cartier
Lindsay Bolger Honoured by Sheila Carabine and Amanda Walther DALA 

 Robin Bradley Honoured by Donna and Michael Shabinsky
Pat Bromley Honoured by Elspeth Christie
Nancy Brown Honoured by Marney Simmons
 Margaret Brown McCarthy Honoured by Beth McCarthy

Florence Ivy May Buckley Paice Honoured by Gwen Patterson
Elspeth Christie Honoured by Queen’s Peer Learning Assistants 2010-2011
Katherine Connell Crothers Honoured by Katherine Leverette
Nancy Cotter (Kantautas) Honoured by Lisa Webb

Georgette Fry Honoured by Jane Kitchen
Joan East Honoured by Elspeth Christie
Kathryn (Kay) Donevan Honoured by Wilda Andriesky
Ruth Dennis Schlafer Honoured by Barbara Schlafer

Evelyn Fudge Honoured by Gail Money
Hilary Gale Honoured by Bonnie Henderson
Jane Good Honoured by Career Service
Florence Gooderham Huestis Honoured by Kathy Weekes Southee

Beverley Hastings Honoured by Joy McBride
 Ellen Hawman Honoured by Shelley King
Clara Jane Hogan Honoured by Lori Rand
Elizabeth Holmes Honoured by Janet Holmes

Maret Johnson Honoured by: Diane Nolting
Andrea Jones Honoured by: Ginny Trousdale
Lillian Kehrmann Shapiro Honoured by: Ruth Crafts
Margaret Kelman Honoured by: Katherine Manley

Kathleen Kerr Honoured by: Diane Dawber
Edith (Gammy) Lally Cook Honoured by: William Cook
Margaret Laurence Honoured by: Dorris Heffron
Dianne Lesperance Honoured by: Shirley Brooks Purkis

Phyllis Lewis By Jan Linscott in Honor
Laurie Low Honoured by: Sandra Murray
Mary Macdonald Honoured by: M.Elizabeth Macdonald
Jan MacFarlane Honoured by: Elspeth Christie

Heather Mann Honoured by: Anne Richards
Dr. Kimberly Elizabeth (Dow) MacDonald Honoured by: David MacDonald
Doris McCarthy Honoured by: Beth McCarthy

Pauline Wendy McCubbin Honoured by: Lawrence McCurdy
Donna McEwen Honoured by: Eileen McEwen
Molly McIntyre Honoured by: Martha McIntyre
Dr. Marie Louise Murphy (Baragar) Honoured by: The Murphy Family

Mary Neill Honoured by: Jane Neill Good
Joyce Nicholson Honoured by: Cynthia Cameron
Susan Paloschi Honoured by: Mary O’Brien
Joanne Papps Honoured by: Miriam Papps

Dorothy Parnell Honoured by: Anne Richards
Alice Pearse Honoured by: Carole Morrison
Tammy Purkin Honoured by: Eyre Purkin Bien
Christina Rankin Honoured by: Christine Rankin

Jennifer Richards Honoured by: Andrew Stevens
Julie Richards Honoured by: Anne Richards
Bella Ritchie Honoured by: Sherrill Ritchie
Patricia Rochon Honoured by: Susan Babbitt

Barbara L. Schlafer Honoured by: Mary L. Balanchuk
Noeline Marion Selwyn Bruce Honoured by: Priscilla Galloway
Dorothy Mae Sheldon Honoured by: Erin Sheldon
Miss Shepherd  Honoured by: Elizabeth Campbell

Bobbi Spark Honoured by: Ronald and Jean Lewis
Bobbi Spark Honoured by: Wendy Neufeld and Terry Voth
Bobbi Spark Honoured by: Kelly Chahal
Becky Torrance Honoured by: Hollis Mitchell

Rena Upitis Honoured by: Elspeth Morgan
Suzanne Vaillancourt Honoured by: Anne Richards
Myra Varty Honoured by: Kim Bell
Christin Walker Bird Honoured by: Owen Bird

Cora Watt Casselman Honoured by: Frances Reynolds
Yolande Webb Honoured by: Lisa Webb
Mavis Westgate Honoured by: Valerie Westgate

Kathleen Whitehead Honoured by: Martha Whitehead
Mary Whittam Honoured by: Patricia Bromley
Dorothy Williams Honoured by: Linda Williams
Jillian Anne Worland Rumble Honoured by: Robin Bradley

Joan Munton Wright Donaldson Honoured by: Mary Lou Finlay
Jane Good Honoured by: Jim Kelly
Jane Good Honoured by: Sheila Hutchison
Narnia Worth Honoured by: Christine Overall

Wendy Christopher
Gwen Curry, Dorothy Harris and Sylvia Boorstein
The Ban Righ Centre Women

Barbara Grove
Luella Margaret Perkins
Dian Marino
Vivian Huffman 

Georgette Fry Honoured by: Mary Lou Boudreau
Georgette Fry Honoured by: Stephanie Aubertin