Pauline Wendy McCubbin

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A Community Project to honour women who have enriched our lives

The Ban Righ Centre supports mature women who are starting or returning to education at Queen’s University. In taking this significant step, these women found role models, advocates and inspiration in other women. Then, as they engage in their studies and in their activities beyond Queen’s with friends, family, peers and colleagues, these students effect continual and positive change, extending the reach of their mentors and the Ban Righ Centre. Through “Who Is She?” we honour women who make a difference.

Pauline Wendy McCubbin

Honoured by: Lawrence McCurdy

Wendy was my aunt, orphaned as a child, and raised by my mother, her older sister. She assumed the role of older sister to my siblings and me. She was intelligent, beautiful, talented and an academic achiever. Creative and inquisitive, she desperately wanted to study Archaeology, but my parents, barely twenty when I was born, struggled financially. In the 1950’s there was little hope of university for talented women without financial support. As always, she made the best of it and went to Teachers’ College. Wendy was a wonderful older sister and truly generous person. She helped me survive a dysfunctional family, taught me to throw a baseball and encouraged me to see that higher education was interesting and worth pursuing. She’d have been a great scholar and was a great teacher. My university education enriches my life, and supporting a foundation dedicated to women’s education is a way to honour Wendy, who deserved a better education and didn’t live to achieve it.