Auntie Ev

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A Community Project to honour women who have enriched our lives

The Ban Righ Centre supports mature women who are starting or returning to education at Queen’s University. In taking this significant step, these women found role models, advocates and inspiration in other women. Then, as they engage in their studies and in their activities beyond Queen’s with friends, family, peers and colleagues, these students effect continual and positive change, extending the reach of their mentors and the Ban Righ Centre. Through “Who Is She?” we honour women who make a difference.

Auntie Ev

 Honoured by: James Brown

Three women and an eighth grade student shine bright among the guiding lights in my life.

My mother Grace, her sisters Lois and Evelyn continually and lovingly nurtured a joy of reading, independent thinking, a sense of responsibility, and kindness.

Often when I needed it most and recognized that need least, my aunts cared and called after mom’s early passing with cancer. My aunties were constants, ever present, reassuring that no matter what else happens, they are there, love me and that everything will be fine.

Kindness does magic when practiced. I credit a bright young girl for crystallizing that belief. When teaching her a JA course, she confided she had no postsecondary plans because her parents told her she was not smart enough.

Her crushed confidence and misguided belief was heartbreaking. That is what moves me to work at equalizing opportunities and leveling the playing field for kids who but for luck of the draw may be denied their dreams. Had they my mom and sisters in their corner, no doubt many would accomplish much for themselves and our community.

Dearest Auntie Ev

You, Lois and mom were right. In my darkest hours I heard your voices, and in my brightest days your smiles shone bright. You never wavered. And everything was fine.

To all children everywhere; never doubt that someone does care. Legions of us believe in you and work to equalize the opportunities; allowing you to pursue your success and happiness even though we have never met.

– James Brown