Phyllis Lewis

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By Jan Linscott in Honor Learning about the Ban Righ Foundation’s “Who is She” project brought back fond memories of returning to school in the mid 80’s at the age of 35 to pursue undergrad studies. I immediately felt comfortable at the Centre from the day I first entered the building. The first guidance I received was to begin with career counselling and be certain, already and RPN, that an undergrad degree was what I really wanted. I was working full-time and raising a child on my own, as well as juggling evening studies to obtain my grade...

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Yolande Webb

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Honoured by: Lisa Webb Mother, friend, subtle advisor, role model, nature lover. You have taught me that laughter is great medicine; that most people don’t read minds, so communication, while challenging, is a good idea; that nature calms, that we are all capable of more; that everyone should have something red in their wardrobe (especially shoes); that how we respond to things is more important than the thing itself; that everyone matters and that balance and moderation are desirable goals, that a cheese sandwich with mustard and an...

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Dr. Kimberly Elizabeth (Dow) MacDonald

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Honoured by: David MacDonald I met my partner while at the age of forty, single and in the midst of many life changes. She brought an entirely new dimension to my world in the form of love, partnership, understanding and a ready-made family. Bruises and warts, she and her boys accepted me, loved me and brought me home. Academics and the pursuit of greater knowledge have been her passion and life’s work. She is a Queen’s medical academic and a highly skilled clinician whose hands save the lives of the tiniest of newborns. She is a mentor and...

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Elizabeth White

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Honoured by: Gillian Sadinsky Elizabeth White was my best friend’s mother. My friend went travelling in her teens, so I used to drop in at Mrs. White’s often to get updates on my friend – at least that’s why I thought I was knocking at her kitchen door. Looking back, I realize I ceaselessly unloaded to her, telling her things I wouldn’t tell another soul. I don’t think they were very interesting, but at that time in my life, I badly needed someone to listen. And she did. She was wonderfully hospitable; she never put me off (despite the...

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Chiu Kiunui

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Honoured by: Jack Chiang No one has done more to ensure my survival, to guide me and to shape my character than my mother. I was born in China shortly after the Communist takeover. There was no welfare cheque or publicly-funded education. Everyone was poor, and we were poorer than most. Our family left China as refugees. We subsisted first in Macau, then Hong Kong. We depended on handouts from refugee organizations. We had nothing. Then my father died and my mother, in her early 40s, was left with six kids, no money and a lot of debts. My...

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Emma Stoddard

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Honoured by: Kathy Leverette You might say that Emma Stoddard found me when I was lost. This diminutive, deceptively strong-minded elderly woman, who allowed me to rent the back bedroom in her house when I had nowhere to live, was there every night with the porch light on when I came home late from work. She offered tea and cookies when I hadn’t eaten and although I was recently separated, desperately missing my children and was having a tough time figuring out what to do, never once asked a personal question or judged my situation. She...

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Eileen Boyd

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Honoured by: Liona Boyd My mother is my support system, the woman who has played the biggest role in my career as a classical guitarist and now singer/songwriter. She taught me nursery rhymes and to love and write poetry. She persuaded my father to buy a cheap souvenir while on holiday in Spain…a guitar…and arranged for my first guitar lessons. My mother taught me to read music and play my first instrument, the treble recorder. She took me to my first guitar concert by Julian Bream, the evening that changed my life My mother helped...

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Rt. Hon. Ellen Fairclough

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 Honoured by: Flora MacDonald Rt. Hon. Ellen Fairclough, the first woman to be appointed a cabinet minister in the history of Canada, was an inspiration to me and to many other women, particularly women M.P.s. And she did it in such style. Noted for her eye-catching hats which she wore when campaigning across the country, the flowery hat was in proper place even when about to enter a coal mine shaft in Nova Scotia. Ellen’s fascination with and attention to politics was enthusiastic and enduring. Every time results from a federal...

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Joan Munton Wright Donaldson

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Honoured by: Mary Lou Finlay Joan Donaldson is a careful and meticulous researcher and writer; a loving daughter, sister, wife and mother; an amazing, attentive friend; a great mentor and teacher whose example I have spent a lifetime trying to emulate. When we first met at CBC TV, she had two teen-agers and her husband had returned to school for a teaching certificate. They were financially strained, but not poor. Joan believed being poor was first and foremost a state of mind. While they might not have had money, they had their skills,...

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Auntie Ev

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 Honoured by: James Brown Three women and an eighth grade student shine bright among the guiding lights in my life. My mother Grace, her sisters Lois and Evelyn continually and lovingly nurtured a joy of reading, independent thinking, a sense of responsibility, and kindness. Often when I needed it most and recognized that need least, my aunts cared and called after mom’s early passing with cancer. My aunties were constants, ever present, reassuring that no matter what else happens, they are there, love me and that everything will be fine....

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