Services and Programs


If you are a woman returning to education after a time away, or you are continuing your education while juggling family responsibilities, the Ban Righ Centre has services that may assist you. The Centre is an inclusive community that serves undergraduate, graduate, professional, domestic, immigrant, and international women students. We support students participating in online learning and those attending classrooms at Queen’s University. You are very welcome to drop in, call, email, or Skype!


Student Services

Student advisors provide friendly and helpful personal support and up-to-date information on university and community resources.

Hearty soup is available daily through-out the fall/winter session (lighter fare in the spring/summer).  Daily lunches, in addition to defining a time that someone is sure to be there, also augment incomes and provide work for work/study students.  Join classmates, friends and other mature women students, as well as staff and assorted others from across campus who come by to take a break, enjoy some soup in a lively atmosphere where conversations range from the esoteric to the hilarious and bodies can be found occupying the floor as well as the couches and chairs.  Community forms around food!

Financial Services

Emergency bursaries are available for eligible women. Please speak with a student advisor who will have you fill out an application and who can also direct you to other potential sources of funding.

A Space to Study

Open for Drop-in any time of day to chat, rest, study, write a paper, check email, work with a study group from class and have lunch with other students Centre friends.

Bring classmates for a planned or impromptu study group in one of the cozy smaller rooms on the third floor or the sunny south-facing room in the basement.


An Informal Speaker Series

Open to all interested women and men from the University and Community.

Advertised in the local media and in the Centre’s Calendar of Events – mailed and emailed to over 4500 folks locally and nationally.

Bring your own lunch  or enjoy soup/tea/coffee (available for a small donation for non-students, free of charge for students) and join us for the speaker series.

Each of these opportunities to gather is a time to meet someone new, to make a friend and to share information, resources, and strategies for success.

Babies and nursing moms are welcomed!