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Ban Righ Centre Services

The Centre is an inclusive community that serves undergraduate, graduate, professional, domestic, immigrant, and international women students. We support students participating in online learning and those attending classrooms at Queen’s University.

Student Advising

Our student advisors are here to assist mature women students attending Queen’s University and women contemplating returning to formal education or starting for the first time as mature students. Drop in or make an appointment to chat about your academic goals, your social, financial, or personal concerns as they relate to education.

Lisa and Gamila

Work Spaces

We have several rooms for students to get some work done. In the house we have:

  • Two computer labs
  • Two library rooms
  • Two group study rooms
  • Lounge

We have five computers available for students as well as multiple printers. You should have no problem finding a space to work!

Student working at computer

Napping Rooms

We have two napping rooms on our third floor where students can close the door and take a break in between classes or meetings. The rooms are equipped with a futon, comforters, and pillows that are regularly changed and washed after each use.

napping room


We provide a free lunch on weekdays (excluding holidays and closures) for our mature women students. We ask that all other visitors having lunch make a small donation. From September to April, lunch is usually hot soup. In the summer months, we offer salad or other light lunch options. Things usually available in our kitchen include:

  • Bread
  • Butter, peanut butter, jam, and honey
  • Fruit
  • Coffee and tea
  • Milk and dairy-free milk
bowl of soup

Financial Assistance

The Ban Righ Centre offers financial assistance to mature women students. All bursaries and awards are assessed based on the financial need of applicants. In addition, all students are invited to speak with Student Advisors for information about other funding available at Queen’s University and in the community, and for referrals to other resources.

student hugging Board member
Photo by Bernard Clark

Emergency Bursaries

Needs-based assistance available to registered mature women students throughout the academic year.

What is it for: Items such as books and glasses, and for childcare, dental or family emergencies, or to assist with larger unexpected expenses.

Who is eligible: Female students at Queen’s University who have been away from formal education for at least one year and/or have a child or children, and who have financial need.

How to apply: Speak to a Student Advisor in person or over the phone to receive an application form and to arrange an interview. To be assessed for a bursary, you will need to fill out a financial application and be interviewed by a staff person. Decisions are based on your application, your interview, and level of need.

Spring Awards

We have a Spring Awards Celebration every year at the end of April.

What it is for: to applaud the character and determination of women who return to formal education after an interruption. Our generous donors and supporters present financial awards and medals to women who demonstrate perseverance and strength.

Who is eligible: Female students at Queen's University who have been away from formal education for at least one year and/or have a child or children, and who have financial need.

How to apply: Applications are available around late January each year and will be advertised on our social media and through email.

Professional Development Funding

The Ban Righ Centre has limited funds available to help reimburse mature women students to participate in professional development activities.

What is it for: Financial assistance for women who face barriers to participate in conferences or other worthwhile professional development activities.

Who is eligible: Female students who have been away from school for at least one full year and/or have children and have demonstrated financial need and who face at least one additional barrier (parenting responsibilities, racialized, person with a disability, etc.)

How to apply: Speak to a Student Advisor (in person or over email) for an application form and to arrange an interview. Details of your proposed activity (conference, license, training, etc.) must accompany the application.