Professional development special funding

Ban Righ Centre Professional Development Funding

  • Each year for the next five years (2016-21) the Ban Righ Centre hasĀ limited specialĀ funds available to help reimburse mature women students who face barriers to participate in conferences or other worthy professional development activities.
  • Details of your proposed activity (conference, license, training, etc.) must accompany the application. Please write 250-300 words on the barrier you face and how your professional development opportunity will help you to overcome it.
  • Professional development funds come with the expectation that you will complete a brief one page report about what you learned/achieved and what will change as a result of your participation (for you and/or for others). Eligibility criteria: Female students who have been away from school for at least one full year and/or have children and have demonstrated financial need and who face at least one additional barrier (parenting responsibilities, racialized, person with a disability, etc.). For further information call, e-mail or drop by the Ban Righ Centre.