Honour Her Now – Who Is She?



Who is the special woman in your life who inspired you to become who you are? Who gave you a push, sage advice or the confidence to take on a challenge you might never have attempted?

Now, through Who Is She? you have an opportunity to share the remarkable influence of your honouree, while supporting the continuing education of women.

She made a real difference for you.

Tell us… WHO IS SHE?

Submit your tribute online

 Step 1 – Donation : Go to www.givetoqueens.ca/banrighcentre and follow the prompts through the donation process. Note: In this form, there is a box where you can write the name of your honouree – please do. There is also a box where you can write notes about your gift – please write Who Is She? Step 2 – Tribute : Go to http://housing.queensu.ca/whoisshe/form.asp and follow the prompts to submit your tribute.

Submit your tribute by mail

Step 1 – Donation

Please complete this form

Step 2 – Tribute

Please write it on a separate page (Maximum 200 words)

Step 3 – Mail donation and tribute to address on donation form


Launched in 2010, Who Is She remains an inspiring community building exercise. This ongoing project, hosted by the Ban Righ Centre, allows us to continue honouring women who make a difference.