Speaker Series

Speaker series – Noon hour (12:00-1:00)

Fall 2018 Speaker Series

The Role of Women in Haudenosaunee Communities

Kanonhsyonne Janice Hill, Director of Indigenous Initiatives, Queen’s University.

Kanonhsyonne Janice Hill works to drive progress on Indigenous initiatives across the university, promote an understanding of Indigenous histories and perspectives within the Queen’s community, and provides guidance and support in Indigenous education. At this talk, she will speak about gender identity and inclusion in Haudenosaunee culture.

Animals, the Forgotten Proletariat

Dr. iur. Charlotte E. Blattner, Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Law School

For centuries, labour has been a key site for struggles of recognition, membership, and legal rights. In recent years, scholars of various disciplines have begun to argue that animals are part of the working class, too—albeit a forgotten one. In this talk, Charlotte Blattner explores the promises and pitfalls of this growing body of scholarship.


Cheryl Pelow, Artist Amid an exhibition of her most recent paintings, Cheryl explores several of her inspirations and motivations (representational art, portraiture, art therapy, abstraction (which she describes as pure joy) and command performances (commission work) behind the painting process.

An Aging Woman Still Full of Piss and Vinegar

Sally Bowen, Farmer

Sally is an active farm worker, gardener, social media business marketer and volunteer in her 70’s, despite being entirely dependent upon nasojejunal feeding tubes for 18 years. She’s fortunate to be an active part of Topsy Farms on Amherst Island with her family. Sally plans to talk about the choices she faced when her health nosedived, and how and why she lives vividly despite physical limits.

How To Manifest Wisdom In Your Life

Connie Taylor, Independent Scholar & Coach

We are all capable of improving our capacity for wise action. Wise life practices, self-knowledge, and the development of specific characteristics readies us to manifest wisdom in our lives. Connie’s doctoral thesis determined that wisdom does not belong to the enlightened few, but rather is co-created, a product of human interaction and diligent practices. Her research findings and wise practices will be shared through a participatory discussion.

Together We Are…Walking Through the Journey of Life

Xin Sun, Student, Blogger, Disability Activist and Founder of The Invisible Vision Project

Some cultures believe that only the elderly should speak about the beauties and complexities of life, because they have lived long and are experienced enough to do so. But the truth is, even those of us who can still be considered youth, have a unique perspective and life story of our own. Today, I welcome you into the journey of my life as a blogger (https:/ theinvisiblevisionproject.com/), a disability activist, a student, and a public speaker, but also, my journey with blindness, chronic health and mental health struggles.

Island Landscapes

Patty Pauls, Photographer

After moving to Wolfe Island 6 years ago for some extra space and a chance to live “off the land” Patty was quite struck by its uniqueness. She has been, over time, documenting the island through pictures of the landscape for an eventual photo essay of the island. For this talk she will share some of the many unique aspects of the natural beauty of the island, the things that motivate her most to capture the island’s history and lifestyle.

Speaker Speakers fall 2018

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