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Ban Righ Centre News Fall 2019

Maureen McDonald

In March 2019, Susan Belyea became the new Director of the Ban Righ Centre. Only the position is new to her, however. She has a long history with the centre, both as a socially active resident of Kingston, and later as a mature student completing her PhD at Queen’s. As a student, Susan came to the Ban Righ Centre first for the soup. Drawn by the idea of a quiet and welcoming place to go to for lunch, she soon realized it would also provide a great workspace. “The first day I showed up with my laptop and some files and settled in to work at one of the workstations changed my relationship to Queen’s. I had never found a great place for me to work – most places were either too anonymous or too social.”

It wasn’t just a place to study; during her lunch breaks, Susan would often head to the lounge, where she met women from other faculties and departments. It introduced her to a Queen’s that was diverse in terms of race, country of origin, academic and activist interests, passions, and beliefs. Returning now as Director, Susan is determined to keep people-to-people connections at the heart of what happens at the Ban Righ Centre. It is what drew her the job, and she wants to continue to foster the sense that “we’ve got your back” – that Ban Righ Centre is a place students can walk into and find connection with staff and with each other.

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