A Day in the County: winery tour

On Saturday, October 4th, a group of Ban Righ Centre supporters travelled to Prince Edward County for a day of wine tasting and a good deal of fun! Below are a few photos. On the bridge at Karlo Estates Oct 2014

Thanks to everyone who attended. Special thanks to Clark and Laurie Day for arranging a magnificent tour with superb food. They made it a fantastic “Day in the County!” The proceeds of the tour will support mature women students at Queen’s. The Day’s generosity means we will add significant profits to add to our coffers. Thank you Clark and Laurie! Thanks too to Deb Wakeman for being a part of the  dinner team, and to Rosehall Run, Keint-He, Huff Estates and Karlo Estates for exceptionally warm welcomes, fabulous wine tastings and great information.

We enjoyed the company of two former Principals William Leggett and Ron Watts with respective spouses Claire and Donna. A fantastic show of support for BRC students. Thank you for joining us!

Elspeth Morgan and Elspeth Christie helped co-organize, and various Ban Righ Foundation board members lent a hand: Kathy Burke, Julie McLachlan and Nathalie Soini. Thanks all of you.

Recent graduate, Jillian Burford-Grinnell, shared her thoughts about what life was like as a mature student. When we arrived at a road block near Tyendinaga, Jillian rightly pointed out that it was fitting to remember that while we were on our way to enjoy a convivial day, there are many families looking for answers on behalf of their loved ones – the missing indigenous women. The Ban Righ Foundation recognizes the need to keep the spotlight on these women and to work together to make safe communities for all. Thank you Jillian.

lunch at Rosehall RunTastings at Huff Estatesempty glasses Oct 2014







Outside at Karlo Estates

If you want to share more of your photos send them along to carole.morrison@queensu.ca.

Clark offered to share the names of the chefs or businesses that supplied the various foods we enjoyed.

  • Clark Day: lunch and dinner salads, mustard and ketchup, vegan burgers
  • Pasta Genova: charcuterie
  • Maws: tarts and apples
  • Ontario Water Buffalo Company: water buffalo burgers
  • Seed to Sausage: sausages
  • Lakeshore Fruit Stand: donuts
  • Slickers: ice cream

Thanks for a great day.