Spring Awards

To view the invitation to the Spring Celebration event please see: http://banrighcentre.queensu.ca/2018-spring-celebration/

Presented at the Spring Celebration on Saturday, April 28, 2018 in Wallace Hall from 2-4 p.m., the Spring Awards require special application.

These awards differ from and are in addition to the bursary assistance that is available through the Centre. The citations and monetary awards represent the donors’ desire to draw attention to the achievements of students in various areas of study and in various personal circumstances, and are presented at a public ceremony to which the recipient, her family, fellow students, and benefactors are invited. This event is a celebration of all mature women students and the character and determination it takes to pursue their goals despite the various challenges they face. We also celebrate our donors and champions who continue to demonstrate that they value education for women.

While all of the Spring Awards are listed below, you need only fill one bursary application form. Please complete the eligibility checklist on the application to help us determine which awards you are eligible for. Award amounts vary from year to year but range from (approximately) $250.00 – $1900.00. All decisions are made by the Awards committee of the Ban Righ foundation Board of Directors.

Application forms can be picked up at the Ban Righ Centre. Deadline is Wed., March 7 at 3:30 p.m.

If you are not able to stop in to collect an application package, please email Lisa Webb (webbl@queensu.ca). Forms can be completed and returned over email but require instructions.

The Elizabeth Wallace Bursary

THE ELIZABETH WALLACE BURSARY – Established by the Queen’s Women’s Association (founded 1939 as the Faculty Women’s Club) in honour of Elizabeth Wallace, wife of Queen’s University Principal R.C. Wallace, to honour a student embarking on her academic journey in her first year/first degree ($640.00).

The Marian Webb Award

Acknowledging the challenges associated with transitioning to a new environment and often being away from all that is familiar, this award is intended for a student who is (preferably) either a landed immigrant in Canada or is the daughter of a landed immigrant and is over the age of 25 years ($1270.00).

The Barbara Paul Memorial Award

Established in memory of Effie Barbara Paul (Paithouski), B.A. ’74 (Carleton) by her son, N. Joseph Paithouski, B.A. ’79, B.Sc. (Eng.) ’80, and awarded to a student 25 years of age or older. This award is intended to assist a graduating student who combines academia and family or work responsibilities in finishing her degree ($675.00).

The Barbara Paul Prize

Established in memory of Effie Barbara Paul (Paithouski) B.A. ’74 (Carleton) by her son, N. Joseph Paithouski, B.A. ’79, B.Sc. (Eng.) ’80. The Prize is a beautiful medallion handcrafted by local goldsmith Kim Snyder and cast in sterling sliver and 18 carat gold. It has been established to acknowledge and celebrate a graduating student who combines academics with family responsibilities and who has faced and overcome significant barriers. Please include personal and academic information and letters of support from faculty and colleagues from the university and/or the community (medallion).

The Mildred Blackadder/Zonta Club of Kingston Bursary

Created to honour the volunteer work of Mildred Blackadder the award was established by the Zonta Club of Kingston and is presented to an Aboriginal student ($1000.00).

The Helen Richards Campbell Award

Established by the Campbell family in memory of Helen Richards Campbell, who graduated from Queen’s in 1978 at the age of 81. Awarded to a female student who has completed at least one year of university work, having returned to school after an absence of three or more years($1900.00).

The Diane McKenzie Award

Established by Diane McKenzie, B.N.Sc. 1964, MPA 1992, to honour Dr. Jean Hill, Dean of Nursing 1968-1977, to celebrate two determined women students with preference given to students in the School of Nursing (2 awards at $1000.00 each).

The Troup-Ballantyne Fund

Created by Mary Ballantyne to honour her parents who placed a high value on women’s education. The award is intended for a woman in Health Sciences who demonstrates academic merit ($1700.00).

The Carole Kinnear Award

Established by J. Paul Kinnear, B.Com. 1963, in honour of his wife’s graduation from the Faculty of Arts and Science in May 1998. Awarded to honour her persistence and dedication. Awarded to a woman who, after an interruption in her formal education, is beginning or returning to University studies. Preference will be given to a student completing a degree in Gender Studies. ($1040.00)

The Dorothy Matheson Parnell Bursary

Established by Dorothy Matheson Parnell, B.A., 1940, and awarded in acknowledgement of the challenges associated with working towards a degree while also parenting children. The Ban Righ Centre warmly congratulates these women who deftly juggle responsibilities. Preference given to single mothers (2 awards at $1500.00 each).

The Barbara Schlafer Book Prize

Established by friends of the Ban Righ Centre, co-workers at Queen’s University and by Barb Schlafer’s family and friends, to honour the work Barb did over the course of nearly thirty years at the Ban Righ Centre. This gift certificate to Novel Idea Bookstore is awarded to a female student who is studying at Queen’s University and who would benefit from an opportunity to extend her learning through reading ($250.00 gift certificate).