Ban Righ Speakers Series

Held at 32 Bader Lane at noon, the Speaker Series provides an opportunity to continue your education at your own pace, in an intimate, comfortable setting with no exams! From the visual and other arts, science and technology, the environment and social justice, to the more personal, obscure and indescribable, we try to cover it all. Everyone is welcome and home-made soup is available for a donation (free if you are a student).

Fall 2018 Speaker Series

How To Manifest Wisdom In Your Life

Connie Taylor, Independent Scholar & Coach

We are all capable of improving our capacity for wise action. Wise life practices, self-knowledge, and the development of specific characteristics readies us to manifest wisdom in our lives. Connie’s doctoral thesis determined that wisdom does not belong to the enlightened few, but rather is co-created, a product of human interaction and diligent practices. Her research findings and wise practices will be shared through a participatory discussion.

Together We Are…Walking Through the Journey of Life

Xin Sun, Student, Blogger, Disability Activist and Founder of The Invisible Vision Project

Some cultures believe that only the elderly should speak about the beauties and complexities of life, because they have lived long and are experienced enough to do so. But the truth is, even those of us who can still be considered youth, have a unique perspective and life story of our own. Today, I welcome you into the journey of my life as a blogger (https:/, a disability activist, a student, and a public speaker, but also, my journey with blindness, chronic health and mental health struggles.

Island Landscapes

Patty Pauls, Photographer

After moving to Wolfe Island 6 years ago for some extra space and a chance to live “off the land” Patty was quite struck by its uniqueness. She has been, over time, documenting the island through pictures of the landscape for an eventual photo essay of the island. For this talk she will share some of the many unique aspects of the natural beauty of the island, the things that motivate her most to capture the island’s history and lifestyle.

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